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RMA Automotive is a major global supplier to markets worldwide with the widest range of special modified vehicles, fleets, accessories, parts, after sales service and training. Over 30 years of experience, engineering, responsiveness and competitive pricing has made RMA Automotive one of the world’s fastest-growing international suppliers of modified vehicles, with over 100,000 units delivered to customers.

RMA Automotive, headquartered in Thailand, partners with OEMs, particularly those with production facilities in Thailand, where some 75% of the world’s one ton pickups are now built. RMA Automotive also has facilities in Australia, South Africa, Turkey, Myanmar and UAE. We are the first Ford Motor Company “Qualified Vehicle Modifier” (QVM) program participant in the Asia-Pacific and Africa regions.


RMA Automotive produces a range of Ambulances and Emergency Response Vehicles. These special modified vehicles are equipped with an exceptional selection of life-saving equipment for optimal patient care. Features include IV holders, fluorescent lighting, climate control and ventilation systems, permanently-mounted sphygmomanometer, 12-volt power outlets for portable suction and other critical equipment, oxygen tank and regulator, flow meter, ease of stretcher loading and unloading, and more.

RMA Automotive Emergency Response Vehicles are built stronger than required at a price that represents genuine value versus any competitor on the market. All this, plus a special modified vehicle engineered to deliver performance, structural strength and all-terrain durability, providing a safe and secure environment for both patients and attendants.


Dangerous duties require specialized modified vehicles that international peacekeepers, police forces and militaries can count on. RMA Automotive security vehicles are exactingly engineered with top-quality modifications and equipment to perform under the toughest conditions. RMA Automotive security vehicles provide enhanced engine, suspension and braking performance; grenade-proof armor; run-flat tires; specially reinforced bumpers and grille guards and today’s most advanced communications electronics.

RMA Automotive handles the design, engineering, and production capabilities to augment vehicles with any kind of security modification. We can add high-performance brakes, pillar and structural reinforcement, special windscreen and door glass, modified suspension systems and much more.

RMA Automotive offers pre-engineered special-service vehicle solutions that can answer your needs effectively or serve as the basis for further modified vehicles customized to your specifications.


RMA Automotive understands that safety is the number one priority for the mining industry. Safety, stability and maneuverability are key qualities in a light-duty mining vehicle and few of them can endure the hard use and harsh conditions required by today’s large-scale mining operations.

RMA Automotive personnel transporters and special modified off-road vehicles are available in a variety of configurations. Our extensive Research and Design facilities offer completely engineered custom modifications to meet the needs of your mining operation.


There are no second chances to ‘get it right’ when it comes to shielding your vehicle from hostile fire. That is why RMA Automotive uses only the very latest in patented ballistic armor protection technology. Top-quality RMA Automotive Protection System armoring is impervious to military-grade small arms fire. Vehicle occupants are also protected from hand grenade shrapnel and other explosive devices. When sensitive security missions require an inconspicuous presence, our well-disguised armoring is virtually invisible. You can choose from a comprehensive selection of RMA Automotive armored vehicles that meet or exceed the strict NIJ III/EN BR6 international protection standards.

Available Vehicles


Images used throughout this website are for illustration purposes only. Some models in some specifications are not available in our market. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult your sales representative for up to date, accurate information.

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