Built to perform

Ford Ranger’s advanced technology helps you keep pace with any job, anywhere. Whether on
the worksite or the weekend. For example, the fuel efficient 2.2 TDCi diesel engine is more
powerful than ever, while the next generation 3.2 TDCi is even more economical.

New improved 2.2L and 3.2L
TDCi Turbo Diesel engines

They’re back and they’re better than ever. An extra 8kW of power and 10Nm of torque gives our 2.2L TDCi
engine more grunt than ever. Whilst our next generation super powerful 3.2L will please with the extra
kilometres we’ve built into its fuel economy.

EPAS (Electronic Power-Assisted

This might be a truck but Ford’s famous driving dynamics still apply. This includes the
effortless manoeuvrability EPAS delivers in all types of conditions. Steering is light and
responsive for city driving and when parking, and firmer and easier to control at higher speeds
on the open road. Because it’s electronically controlled and not hydraulic, it only kicks-in
when you need it, helping to save fuel.

Auto Start-Stop 1

When you idle, you’re using up fuel going nowhere. So when you’re stopped at lights or stuck in traffic, your
engine shuts off. When you want to drive off the engine starts smoothly and immediately, helping you to
drive further on less fuel.

Adjustable Speed Limiter 2

With a powerful engine under your foot and a city full of speed limits, the Ranger’s Speed Limiter can help
you avoid speeding fines. Simply set your maximum speed and your speed will keep from going over the
limit. Should you need more speed to get out of a tight situation, just press the accelerator flat.

[1] Available on 4x2 Hi-Rider manual transmission and 4x4 manual transmission only.
[2] Not available on XL Plus models.